I have a secret to tell you. You are worth more than you are charging.

At least I’m like 99.9 percent sure that you’re worth more than you’re charging.

Why? Because most entrepreneurs, most brand builders, most business builders are not charging their true value.

Why do we do that? I think a lot of it’s connected to our self-worth. And it’s scary, and it’s intimidating to raise our prices. I can tell you that I didn’t raise my prices for like three years. I think it was three years from when I started. Crazy when you think of it. I was so, so, so cheap. And now I’m not. And you shouldn’t be either.

If you’ve been in business for years, just know that what you do is valuable. And make sure that your pricing is in alignment with your knowledge and your skills and your value. The value that you’re providing to your customers. And if it’s not, do it. Raise your prices.

I know it’s scary, but think of it this way. And this is one of the things that we’ve worked a lot on in our business, if we double our prices, and we lose half of our clients, we’re still making the same amount. Chances are super high you wouldn’t lose half your clients. But if you did that and you lost half your clients, you would still be making the same amount of money. But you would be doing half the work. So that’s the thing about pricing.

I just want to touch base with you and just ask, are you charging your worth? Are you charging your value? Do you know that you need to increase your prices, and are you hesitating?

So drop me a comment below, because I want to know. I’m genuinely curious. Is pricing a struggle for you? Are you confident? And if you know that you need to increase your prices, tell me, what’s holding you back?

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