– Hey guys, good morning, good morning, good morning, I hope that you are having an amazing morning, and I hope that you can hear me, cause I’m actually out on my dock right now, and the wind is kicking, but it is gorgeous out here, and I wish you were here with me. It is so amazing, and today is a special day, because today, I am actually going to calm your fears and share with you why there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. So, I recently had a conversation with a client of mine and she really felt like there was just something really wrong with her cause she’d done a lot of programs and even high level programs that cost her like $25,000, and she still hadn’t seen the results and success in their business as she wanted. And she didn’t understand, she thought that something was wrong with her and she was really really upset so if you’ve gone through something similar, stay tuned, because I’m gonna tell you why it’s not your fault, and what’s really going on and how you can fix it to really create the business and the life that you want to live. So for those of you who don’t know me and you’re like, who is this crazy chick, my name is Bridget Irby. I am a serial entrepreneur, I am a wife, I’m a mother, and I’m a strategic marketing consultant. For the last decade of my life I’ve helped corporations generate hundreds of millions of dollars, I’ve helped train marketing teams do strategic marketing plans, I’ve done a lot of turnarounds, but a lot stuff with sales and marketing, kinda accidentally stumbled into it back in 2007, generated 6.5 million dollars my first year, and was like a marketing savant. And, not that it really matters, but, here’s what happened, so in March of 2017, it was March seventh of 2017, our son, who’s a senior in high school, got in a severe motorcycle accident, and sustained a severe traumatic brain injury, which left him in a coma for almost seven months. And during that season of our lives, my husband and I were able to be at his bedside for 10 months, so we didn’t work for 10 months, we were able to stop everything that we were doing and really just focus on his care, and focus on getting him better, and supporting our younger children through everything that our son was going through and, you know, dealing with all that and then we actually brought our son home when he was still in a coma, in July of 2017. So, we went through this incredible season in our life, of trials and tribulations, and the one thing that struck me so hard during all of that, obviously, you know, other than the immediate obvious that struck me really hard was that in the season where we were able to be there for our son, most parents were not. So, we were in the hospital every day, you know, our son was in the hospital for many many months he was in the ICU for 37 days and then he was in a rehab hospital for like four months after that, and, um, the majority of parents that were there with their kids did not get to stay like we did, they did not have the opportunity to be able to be there for their family when they needed to because they had to go back and work, they had to go work a traditional job. So, I’ve been watching the online space for many many years and I’ve seen, and we’ve actually like built brands for gurus and experts and things like that, and what I’ve seen happen is that there’s a lot of, a lot of people out there teaching a lot of things that are really not actually gonna help people to build a business. So in that season of my life I knew, and I committed to the fact that whenever I stepped back into business, then I was going to dedicate my life to helping small business owners and sole entrepreneurs actually apply these big brand and corporate strategies, marketing strategies to actually grow their business, and to get into action and build the business that they want instead of, like, being on this entrepreneurial Ferris wheel that they end up on most of the time. So that is my story, that is who I am and that’s what I do, and I’m super glad that you’re here because today I’m gonna be telling you something that’s really, really really really important, I’m gonna share it, then leave you with a story, and help you to really take that next step in your business if that’s what you want to do. So, now that you know my story, I would love to hear your story, drop me a comment below with your name, and who you are, and what you do, and why you do it, and if there’s anything that I can do to help you I will be more than happy to, if there’s any advice or feedback or anything that you want, drop it below and I will answer every single comment and I can’t wait to hear from you and hear your story. So that all being said, I wanna tell you what happened to, to me the other day, and I was talking to this client, and she’s a really really incredible person, and when I say incredible, you know, I think a lot of people are really really good at what they do, they’re really incredible, and they don’t realize it, right? So, she’s definitely one of those people and she’s been through a lot of different programs, she’s done a lot of different things, and she came to me, and we had this conversation, it was, we had a 45 minute call the other day, and she ended up crying on the call, and here’s what happened, is that she had spent the last, um, she has a really significant business and, she only had one source of leads coming in for her business and it was a very successful source of leads, it was a very profitable source of leads, but it was still only one source of leads, she was doing SEO. And, what ended up happening was someone did some black hat work, and ended up knocking her place off of Google, and she lost her steady stream of leads. And that’s one of the, the biggest things that I can tell you as a business owner, you wanna make sure that you’re getting leads from more than one place. That way, if something dries up, that you’re not left, you know, kind of SOL, like really really fast. So that’s what happened to her, and she had a lot of overhead that she had to cover, and a really significant business that she had to take care of, and all of a sudden she had no revenue coming in, she had no leads, had no new business coming in. So, she had gone through over the last year, she had done a lot of different programs, she had like, built a webinar, she had done all of these different programs and worked with these people who were like really high level consultants, but she hadn’t seen any of the results that she really wanted in her business. And, and so we get on this call, and she’s telling me about what’s happened and she’s in tears, she is in tears, and it’s breaking my heart, and what happened, was, and I think this is the part that most people miss about these out of the box solutions. If you’ve done a course that was like, hey, you know, use this course to create a webinar that will convert in the next 30 days and you’re gonna make a million dollars, and then you’re surprised when you don’t make a million dollars, not your fault. If you’ve done a course that’s like, hey girl, your Instagram following is 10,000 people and you can sell whatever blah blah blah, and you do it and it doesn’t work, not your fault. Not your fault, and that’s, it just frustrates me. Anyway, so, so she had done this and she had actually spent like, I think it was over $60,000, in courses and private consultants and learning these “strategies”, these out of the box strategies to grow her business. And here’s the thing, and this is what I told her, it’s what I’m gonna tell you, is that, these out of the box programs don’t work. And here’s why they don’t work, it’s because you, your business, is unique. Your market is unique, your offering is unique. The people that you serve are unique. And I think a lot of times what ends up happening is you have these people who, these like gurus and experts, who build these courses and they sell these programs, and they do it a lot of times based off of their own success. And I have another client now who’s actually, he’s the therapist, and, he has bought all of these courses from therapists who created successful practices, and he’s bought their courses, he’s implemented what they said, and it hasn’t worked to grow his business. Why? Because they’re not marketers, they don’t understand business. They found something that worked in their specific market and now they’re trying to package it up and sell it as if it’s gonna work for everyone else. And it doesn’t work that way, it does not work that way, it just doesn’t happen. So, in this 45 minute call, with this client, I walked through all of her business, I got to understand her market, I did a little bit of marketing research while we were on the call, and I was like hey, this is, this is where your market is at. Your market’s not on Facebook, you need to go to this platform and these are the things you need to do. And she starts crying, and she’s like, oh my God Bridget you have no idea, like, how happy that makes me, because what I told her was the truth. And she said the whole time I’ve been doing these programs and I’ve been following these models, and I’ve been thinking that there’s something wrong with me. And I think a lot of times these experts and these gurus are like “follow the process, follow the process”, and “the process works for everybody”, no it doesn’t! If you’re trying to, to sell someone an out of the box solution that you think is gonna work for everyone, that’s B.S. It’s just B.S. it’s not gonna happen. So if you’ve gone through a course, and you think it’s your fault that it didn’t work for you, and it’s like having, trying to apply some kind of like marketing strategy or tactic to your business, and you think that it’s your fault, and especially if these people have tried to make you think that it’s your fault, it’s not your fault. It is not your fault. You need something that is custom for your business, it’s a custom fit for your market, it’s a custom fit for your strengths and weaknesses. And I’ll give you an example, like for her, for her specifically, like she’s not a video person, she’s not, that’s not her strong suit. She needs to get people on the phone. Like she does really really good in one on one, but video is not her thing. And she had gone through all of these courses that were telling her you need to do video, you need to do that, and you don’t! You don’t, you just need to pick a platform that works for you. And so, and in this quick conversation we figured out what was gonna work for her, and within the next like, it was like six days I think where she made a $10,000 sale. Like, it was so, it was so, it was so crazy, and to me it’s so simple. And I think we get caught up where, you see, like, these people who are really good at marketing and they’re selling you this course and they’re pitching you this outcome and this opportunity but I want you to remember, no matter what you’re doing, an out of the box solution is not going to work for you. Like that’s why we teach, we have like 11 different strategies that we teach, because nothing works for everyone and, and even then every strategy is gonna have to be tweaked for your specific market. So, that’s the moral of the story, if you’ve bought a bunch of courses that have not worked for you, and you feel like you don’t know why, and you just, you feel like you’re a failure, you feel like, you feel bad, you’re not, it’s not your fault at all, it’s not your fault. It’s just that these out of the box programs do not work. So I hope that that was helpful for you, leave me any of your thoughts, any of your comments, if you’ve experienced this before, and you’ve had someone tell you, oh well it’s just your fault, I wanna know about it, I wanna know about it, drop me a comment below and tell me your story, tell me how this has happened for you and if you’ve had any big a-ha moments I would love to hear about it. And if this has helped you, obviously sharing is caring. Make sure that you tag anybody below that you feel like might benefit from this message and with all that being said, I love you guys, I hope that you have the most amazing day. I’ll see you again soon, bye.

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