When starting out at a new business a lot has to be thought through and figured out. You have to make some compelling decisions and bear their consequences.

We all make mistakes when starting out at our own business, especially if we are starting out at something totally new. That is a part of the process; it’s how we learn. But some mistakes can be costly missteps in your business in terms of your time, money and effort.

You’ll see a lot of people say that you have to ‘hustle’  to be an entrepreneur. Don’t believe that. To be successful you don’t have to hustle in business. You have to surround yourself with the right people who can support you to get where you want.

Trying not to hustle is the biggest shifts that allowed me to go from nothing to a 6-Figure brand in less than 90 days. Overcoming this one mistake in my business has allowed me to get clients from all over the world.  

You ought to know why trying to ‘hustle’ is killing your business.

Know your Limitations

When I first started out back in 2012, I had already been eminently successful in the corporate world. I was a salesman marketing trainer and a corporate scaler.  If you put me into a business that was failing I could flip it. I did it seven times in seven years.

So, there wasn’t anything I was scared of when I stepped into building my own business. But when I started out, all of a sudden I became the accountant, the admin, I was dealing with all the bills and taxes, prospecting clients and what not.

I became all of these different things and I did not have any time to do what it was that I knew I could do best. But because of my own limitations and beliefs, I continued this process repeatedly and so did the struggle continue.

It’s important you realize there is only so much you can do.

Hustle in business won’t pay off

When you think about trying to do everything yourselves in your business try to visualize yourself as a photographer who is setting out his own business.

You are trying to create our own invoices, doing all the editing, doing your sales and marketing, managing your website, communicating with the client, managing social media and everything your business needs. The list goes on.

You are hustling but the question is, are you really going to be doing any of those things well?

Hustle in business gets you and your clients nowhere

Think of an airline pilot who is not only trying to fly the plane but also trying to be the steward, the ticket collector, do the security checks and be the ground crew. He would be this one person running around and around.

What makes you think he can accomplish anything from there? The plane would never even take off because he would be so tired that he would not even be able to fly. He would be worn out and people would never be able to get where they want to go.

That’s what it’s like when you are trying to do everything by yourself in your business.  You are not getting anywhere and so are your clients.

You stop focusing on your best

One of the gravest consequences of hustling in your business all the time is that it will take away your focus from your ‘best’. Because you are doing so much all the time you can’t really squeeze out time for the core thing you shine at.

The best thing that you can do right now is to get around and network. Get into a network of people that you need to support you.  

Focus on what you do the best. Concentrate on the one thing that only you can do in your business, the one thing that no one can help you in.

And then, outsource the rest. Get around people who can help you grow. If you are not financially in a position to outsource right now, do things in trade for people who can help you.

That is ultimately what’s going to allow you to focus on what you do best and allow you to grow and have the success that you want. Hustle in business will keep sidetracking you from your focus.

So, don’t let hustle kill your business. Know there’s only so much you can do alone. Get into networking. Look around you for people who can help you in your business and build collectively.

Do you know someone who is hustling to make their business a success? Share it with them so they can come out of this endless rut and focus on what really needs focus in their business.

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