Hey guys, what is up? I am so excited to be here with you today because today I’m gonna share with you exactly how I built my following from 200 people per week to over 70,000 people per week, and why none of that actually mattered. Because when I launched a course and when I tried to sell these people like an actual product, no one bought it. In fact I really couldn’t even give it away. I tried to give it away to like ten people and they never even used it. So I wanna share with you the mistakes that I made on that journey and what I had to shift to build a profitable business in the end. And I’m gonna do that with you over just the next few minutes. So for those of you who don’t know me, who don’t know who I am, my name is Bridget Irby. I am a serial entrepreneur. I am a wife, I am a mother, and I am more than anything else, I am a strategic marketing consultant. And I’ve been working with big corporations for several years on scaling and growing your business and making them profitable and businesses from all around the world. And I had something kinda crazy that happened to me and my family back in March of 2017. We had one of our children was a senior in high school, and he was on his way to graduation, he was two months from graduation and on his way home one night. He got into a really bad motorcycle accident. And in that accident he sustained a severe traumatic brain injury. So if you know anything about traumatic brain injuries, there’s a very, very long extended recovery process. So he was actually in a coma for almost seven months. We brought him home in a coma this past, not July of this year, but July of 2017. We were able to bring him home. They wanted him to go into a nursing home. We were like, our son’s 18, we’re not putting him in a nursing home. So we were able to bring him home, and the reason we were able to bring him home was because my husband and I were able to take care of him. At that point in time when he had his accident, we actually stopped working. We stopped doing really anything for ten months. For ten months we had the ability to be able to do that, and what I saw throughout that whole process because when you have something like that happen and you’re in the hospital for an extended period of time, you get to know the people who are around you and you experience these things together. And I saw so many parents have to leave their kids. And not be able to be there with them whenever they woke up out of their comas, whenever they said their first word as they were taking their first steps, I mean therapy and all of that kind of stuff. There were a lot of parents who actually had to leave their kids and go back to different states. There were just a lot of things that happened. And I got really really convicted at that point in my life, and I decided that whenever I stepped back into business that I was going to dedicate my life to teaching small business owners and fellow entrepreneurs the big business tactics that I’ve used to grow company after company after company, that I’ve used in my strategic consulting and that I use as a corporate scaler before I left and actually started up my own business. Because this is how you can apply and become profitable in your business really quickly if you do these things well. So I wanna share with you those things and now that you know my story I would love to know your story, now that we’re friends and you know all about me, I wanna know all about you and what your story is, what your business is. Why are you in business, what is it that you want to achieve? So drop me a comment below and share your story and I promise I’m gonna come back and respond to you and read your story. I would love love love to know more about you and what you’re struggling with, and how can I help you. We’ve been through a lot of different things in business, and I will be more than happy to answer any questions that you’ve got. So drop me a comment below and let me know, and I will see you in the comments. So, with all that being said, I wanna share with you this really really crazy experience that I had whenever, this was actually, I had stepped out of the corporate world because I’d been working as a corporate marketing executive for many, many years. So I would go in and I would do strategic planning and train marketing teams and sales teams, and we would really identify how we were going to set ourselves apart in the market and basically go back in and scale up businesses that were not profitable. That were not financially viable and we would make them financially viable. So I, when I stepped into doing this for myself and I decided that I wanted to build this online brand, I wanted to grow my business in that way through social media and doing that kind of stuff. I have to be transparent with you. I was a little bit cocky coming in. I have always been kind of like a marketing and sales savant. You know, I’ve studied a lot of marketing and sales. At this point in my life I’ve been doing it for over a decade. But whenever I first came into business and started doing sales and marketing, I generated $6.5 million my first year, and just kind of hit it out of the park. And I didn’t really have a whole lot of experience. I was really good at solving problems, really good at that kind of stuff. And so whenever I started my own business and I decided I’m gonna use social media, I was kind of like, I wouldn’t say arrogant but probably close to that. I just didn’t think that it was gonna be that hard because I had spent so many years generating millions and millions of dollars in revenue that I was like psh, this can’t be that hard. So I got started online, and I realized it’s a little bit harder than I thought. So what I did was I did what I think most people do and I started studying. And I studied all of these courses that were about growing a following on social media and building this business online and all of these different things. And I was deliberate, and so I followed what they were saying to a tee, which was great, and it took me from a following of 200 people per week to a following of over 70,00 per week. But, but… What ended up happening was these courses that I was following, and I was following them to a tee so I was doing what they said was important, they did not have some of the foundational principles, the fundamentals of business. And so what ended up happening was I spent all this time and effort and energy building up this audience and this following, but by the time that I had built this to 70,000 people, I said wow, like, surely I should launch a product. I should launch a course. Because I’ve built my following, I’ve put in my time, I’ve done all this stuff, and I should launch a course. And so I spent all of this time, all of this money and effort and energy building this course. I can’t even tell you how many thousands of dollars I spent. Excuse me. That I spent building this course. And what ended up happening was I launched the course to my following, and literally no one bought. I couldn’t even give it away. It was absolutely ridiculous. So I wanna share with you what happened and where I failed and how I was able to flip that around and use those lessons to build a really, really successful business immediately after that. Okay. So… So, I built my course, I launched it, I ran it to my following, and literally no one buys it. It was like crickets. And I was like, what happened here? What did I wrong? What am I missing? And how can I fix this in the future? And I came up with three things that I knew I had done wrong. Like when I was able to stop after I had launched the course, and look back and really think about what had I done, where had I done well, and then where had I fallen short? There were three main things where I messed up. And the first thing was that I believed, I sincerely believed at that point that, because was someone was following me that they were connected with me. That they were actually invested in my brand, they understood my story. Like I believed that they were really interested in me and who I was and what I stood for. But the reality is that those likes and followers and all of that kind of stuff, none of that really matters. Because it’s much more beneficial to have a very very small following that’s really engaged and connected with you than to have a large following that is not. That is not connected with you. So that was my mistake number one was that I bought into the vanity metrics that don’t actually matter. None of that actually matters. 70,000 people following you, so who cares? Who cares if they’re not seeing your stuff, if they really don’t care, it doesn’t matter. So that was mistake number one. The second mistake that I made was like the most critical error, and I don’t know how I even did this, but I did it. And I did it and it hurts my heart that so many of the gurus and experts and all of these people out there today are not talking more about this. But it is a fundamental business principle to really really understand your audience. And I did not really really understand my audience. I really didn’t. What ended up happening was I launched this course because I felt like I knew these people and what they were struggling with, because I wanted to lead them down this path that I had gone. I wanted to lead them down and help them to have this transformation, this experience that I had gone through. I wanted them to have this same transformation and have this shift in their life like I had had. So I just assumed that I knew what they needed and wanted to know. But the reality is is like I didn’t know anything. I had no clue what they needed. And I ame into it with this mindset that I knew exactly what they wanted and what they needed. And I never asked. And that’s one of the most crucial things, one of the most important things that you can do as a business owner if you were looking to build a brand. You want to ask people what are you struggling with. How can I help you? And you want to listen. And that’s one of the biggest things that I can see that people struggle with again and again and again is really asking that question and listening to the answer. And then responding to that answer in a way that you are really being a service to them. So that was the second thing is that I built a product that nobody actually wanted. I didn’t stop and ask before I built this course and spent all these thousands and thousands of dollars building membership area and doing all this crazy stuff. I didn’t ask anybody if they even wanted it. If they even wanted it. And that’s why nobody wanted it! Nobody wanted it. So the third thing, the third and final thing that I think was so, such a defining moment for me was that I built it before I had sold it. And now I know so much better than that. When you are, if you’re a small business or solo-preneur, you do not have the luxury of trying to build and launch things a lot. You really don’t. If you are in small business and you’re still supporting your family and all of that kind of stuff, you don’t really have a whole lot of play room in there to make a lot of mistakes. So what you can do, instead of going and building it, like asking and then going and building something, and hoping it works out, is to sell anything that you want to build, to sell it before you actually build it. So that’s one of the things that I’ve changed. I don’t build anything before I’ve sold it. At all, at all. Ever again, anymore. Because that way once I’ve sold it, that confirms to me that it’s something that people actually want. Right? And building membership area and doing that kind of stuff is really not that hard. So you can do that and you can do that quickly, like you can do that in a day. You can build the whole course in a day if you wanted to, but knowing and having the ability to sell it first gives you that power and that power to know that you’re not wasting your time. Which is really really huge. And it allows you to serve on a higher level. So those were the three things that I shifted that I changed and that allowed me to build a business relatively quickly. It was like less than 90 days I had built this six-figure business. Like immediately after I had had that failed launch. And then I flipped those switches and I was able to do those things and really really build that successful business. So that’s my challenge to you today is to figure out if there is any way that maybe you’re not listening to your audience or you’re believing in these vanity metrics and really thinking that they matter when they don’t. Or how can you sell things before you’ve actually, like if you’re in the process of building a product right now, or a membership course, and you haven’t sold it yet, stop what you’re doing right now and go sell it. That needs to be your number one priority. And you need to fill out your course, fill it completely before you actually build it. Because that’s how you’re gonna know that you are not wasting your time and you’re not wasting your energy. And it’s gonna allow you to really build the business that you want. So that is my challenge to you today. And I hope that that was helpful, and I will see you guys again soon in the next video. Love you guys, bye.

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