Hey guys, welcome back.

My name’s Bridget Irby. I am the CEO and founder of Unleash the Unstoppable.

In the next five minutes, I’m going to share with you the two biggest marketing mistakes that hold most business owners back from ever building a successful brand online.

Mistake number one

Believing that you have to launch a product and to continue to open and close.

If you have a mastermind or if you have a membership program, or anything like that. Believing that you have to spend a lot of time and effort to launch and do a big build up and spend tons of money on Facebook ads and spend all of your time and effort to launch a product is kind of like trying to restart a fire again and again in the middle of a blizzard.

So won’t you imagine you’re in the middle of a snowstorm. And you have worked so hard to start a fire and your fire gets going and it gets bigger and it gets bigger and you’re so excited and you’re so warm and everything is good and then you just stomp the fire out. You just stomp it out, stomp it out. Then you’re in the middle of a blizzard and you’re cold again.

That’s not the way to do it because you spend so much time and effort launching your product to begin with there are gonna be people who are gonna wanna come through and buy from you again and again.

If you create a flag ship program, something that you can continue to run that people are going to always want from you and continue to buy from you, that’s the way to go.

It’s gonna decrease your overhead. It’s going to increase your revenue. And it’s gonna help you to get your time and your wits back.

Mistake Number Two

The second mistake that most people make is believing that you need a huge list in order to be successful.

And I’m gonna tell you a story about a client that I worked with just a few months ago. She had a huge list. 100,000 people were on her list.

But here’s the thing, she didn’t have any real connection with them.

Having a big list is, without having any real connection is just like having a random list of names. It doesn’t matter. You want to be connected to people. You’re much better off having a small list of 100 people who really, really understand who you are, what you do, and why they should work with you. And who are really, really devoted to you rather than having a big list of 100,000 people.

For instance, this particular woman came to us because she had launched a product. She had spent a whole lot of time building up her fire in the middle of her blizzard and she sent all these emails out and had all of this money spent and copywriters. Then she sent out to this 100,000 person list and do you know how many people bought?

No one. No one bought from her.

They weren’t opening her emails. They were not reading her emails. They didn’t care because they didn’t have any relationship with her.

Now thinking that you have to have a big list in order to be successful is just wrong.

What you really need is connection.

So I hope these tips have been helpful for you. And if they have, remember sharing is caring. Be sure to share this with your friends and I’ll see you in the next video.

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